Xandri the Gate-pirate (xandri) wrote,
Xandri the Gate-pirate

In which Geordi Pythons all the things.

Via Wikipedia:

'In the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel, Doomsday World, co-written by Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, and Robert Greenberger, Geordi La Forge is sitting in a bar, the proprietor of which is described as knowing "everything about anything." Geordi asks the bartender some obscure questions about the dimensions and climate about the planet they are on, which the bartender answers, immediately and correctly. Geordi then asks, "What's the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?" to which the bartender replies, "African or European?" Geordi is forced to concede, muttering "Damn, he's good."'

Guys. Guys. I need this book.
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