Xandri the Gate-pirate (xandri) wrote,
Xandri the Gate-pirate

They are here.

So, for the last week I've been thinking of creative situations in which people may have killed Silence. (Silences?)

So there's this girl driving down the road through a suburban area. (The protagonist in this story is a girl, because blatant self-insertion is blatant.) Anyways, she's driving down the road and she passes this house where a wealthy politician lives. (Maybe he's a senator or something.)

She sees a group of about five Silence in the front yard, making their way towards the house. She immediately goes into berserker mode and swerves off the road, plowing through the front yard and bowling over the Silence. The Silence lay, scattered and wounded, on the ground near the road. The girl loses control of the car, however, and continues a little ways past the house and drives straight into a tree. She is injured, but not dead.

The family in the house are startled by the sound of the car hitting the tree, and look outside to see the girl in the smashed car. They glance towards the road and see the Silence and realise what she did. When they look back at her, though, they can't remember.

They call 911. Police and paramedics arrive, and the paramedics take the girl to the hospital. She is not drunk, nor under the influence of any illegal or identifiable substance. She is barely conscious, but cannot recall why she drove off the road- there was no deer darting out in front of her car, no mechanical failure.

The police are baffled. They swamp the area around the crash, taking photos of the damage to the car.

At one point, an investigator turns around and sees the dead Silence lying next to the road. In that instant, he understands exactly what happened- why the girl ran off the road, why the Silence were in the yard, everything. He opens his mouth to say, "I've figured it out-"

-but when he turns around, he can't recall what he was about to say.

Tags: doctor who
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